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Corporate Art Program


Corporate Art Program

Step away from traditional teambuilding and treat your team to a Creative Arts Program!

With Art therapy gaining worldwide popularity and recognition for its role in mental and emotional wellbeing, more and more companies are turning to Paint, Theatre, Improv, and Music programs to build creativity and engagement in the workplace.

Our bespoke Corporate Art Training:

  • Builds Employee Engagement
  • Boosts team morale
  • Improves brand loyalty
  • Boosts creativity and problem solving skills
  • Improves teamwork
  • Creates individual and group artwork that your team can be proud of
  • Encourages group cohesion and allows all individuals to be heard

Art. Music. Film. Improv. Comedy. Photography

At Engulf Art, we pride ourselves on having one of the largest creative databases in UAE. With more than 600 Artists, filmmakers, photographers, designers, comedians, actors, writers, and creative facilitators, our mission is to connect the public and private sector with the local creative community.

We provide creative corporate trainings in a wide variety of topics and explore our creativity using different media. Let us know what you need and we will customize the perfect program for your team.

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Some of our creative teambuilding activities:
Textile Art Workshop
Our most popular workshops are all textile based. We offer punch needle embroidery, basket weaving, upcycled tshirt weaving, hand embroidered wall hangings, and so many more textile art workshops.
Group Mural
We work with small and large groups to create a custom office mural. Your team can either paint directly on a large illustrated mural or paint separate pieces that are combined to form a mural.
Art Retreats
Our full day art retreats involve taking the team out to explore Art in the City, enjoying a meal together, and ending with a customized Art class.
Cultural Connectivity
We explore skills and handicrafts from different cultures and create culture-specific art and design workshops.
Improv/ Theatre
Our Improv workshops are fun and hilarious teambuilding events. We facilitate small and large workshops to boost self-confidence and creativity.
Graffiti Workshops
We work with many Street Art Artists who facilitate art workshops for teams. Create your individual name or a largescale piece for your office.
Sculpting / Clay
We use paper, salt dough, polymer clay, wire, and fabric to create funky sculptures. Boost creativity with these fun trainings!
Storytelling Games
Storytelling is a crucial part of building brand loyalty and customer experience. We use storytelling to build group cohesion and company morale.
Calligraphy Workshops
We work with talented Artists who explore the art of the written word. Your team gets to choose which type of calligraphy.
Upcycled Crafts
There are so many amazing decor and handicrafts that can be made with household goods. We teach sustainable crafting with plastics, old clothes, old packaging, and much more.
Virtual Art Training
We have facilitated 50+ virtual workshops ranging from painting, illustration, origami, contour line drawings, and so much more. You can still build engagement in your team through our Virtual program.
Design Thinking
Learn the art of problem-solving with our creative Art and Design Thinking Course. Unlock parts of your brain by using this art therapy techniques to boost your creativity.
Hicham El Yagoubi
Senior Graphic Designer

نرمين انسانة جد متميزة في مجال الفن، كان لقاءنا الأول في مهرجان الكرافيتي و منذ ذلك الوقت حافظت على دعمي و تشجيعي و استضافتي في بعض الورشات التي كانت تديرها. كان لي الشرف الاشتغال معها و افتخر بها كونها تعمل بجهد لتطوير و خلق ورشات و انشطة فنية تتيح للفنانين من اظهار مهاراتهم.

Art Kentro, Musician, Soultrip

I have worked with Narmeen on numerous events, including workshops, live music, networking and more. She is never short of creative ideas and is always on the ball. Engulf Art and Dubai Jiggy are definitely at the forefront of UAE’s art movement.

Shailabh Tekchandani

Open Jam DXB- Organizer- run a community group for musicians that organizes weekly Jam sessions and performs at various open mic events around Dubai.
The group collaborated on Bluewaters- Open Mic nights in March 2019, great overall experience- event was well organized with professional stage setup and sound equipment. Event was well received and attended by the music community in Dubai.

Accountant, Financial Company

I connected a few artists I know to Narmeen and she secured them opportunities in a few events. Narmeen is a great connector who connects artists to spaces where they can shine 😁👍.

Innovation Business Designer at EY

I attended Narmeen’s collaging workshop, and it was well worth it. Not only did I have a lovely time and took home an interesting collage, I also got the opportunity to get back in touch with my creative side and meet some lovely, interesting people. There were a few surprising moments of vulnerability and sharing, but that only brought us all closer in the spirit of creation.

Graphic Designer of Birkenstock MEAI - DXB Regional Office

‘Dubai Jiggy’ – Narmeen’s baby is an awesome platform in which like-minded artist can be themselves. If you are a beginner and wanting to explore the inner artist in you, there’s always a platform that you can let this inner talent come-out. She offers different workshops that will definitely fit any artist, whether you are a beginner or an expert level. Her workshop fee doesn’t break the bank too! That’s a big bonus! How awesome is that?

Facilitator, LeadIN. Service Designer.

Hi, I’m glad you’re reading this. It means you’re curious about what Narmeen can do for you, or what she’s all about. I can’t summarize everything she does. I can say however, that she does them well. I’ve seen her speak to a room full of people at the edge of their seat, I’ve also worked directly with her on two events that were delivered on time and fulfilled the project needs. She’s passionate about helping artists and can help you, whether you’re an artist, or looking to connect with artists. I hope that helped, now go say hi to Narmeen, even if you’re not sure how she’ll help you. She’ll find a way.

Kavita Sriram
Artist - KavzArtz

I have worked with Narmeen & EngulfArt in the past. Narmeen has given me opportunities to closely work with her on social causes towards the Society & Community. I applaud Narmeen’s empathy towards such causes.
A great Co – worker.

Elizabeth P Hickey
Teacher/Department Chair/American School of Dubai

Narmeen Naser brings art to everyone in many formats and platforms. She is welcoming to everyone at all levels of art passion and creation. If I needed to Network, some of her events are ideal for making those connections. I always look forward to the different types of programs she offers and the variety of classes. Narmeen makes art in Dubai accessible to everyone!

Melissa Almeida
Business development coordinator at MCI Middle East

Wonderful team leader! I have worked for a couple of events and she is very creative. Her ideas are unique and out of the box concept oriented. Great leadership and event management skills. Moreover she is an amazing artist as well. One of the most multi talented women I have come across.

Suhaib Alises
Events Organiser, Phoaq

One of the best organisers in Dubai. Professional, devoted to the art form and extremely creative.

Kate Christou
LOWE F&B Director

Narmeen and her team were AMAZING!! Together we hosted a group of disadvantaged women and children for lunch and entertainment. Narmeen was so happy and excited to volunteer her time and help out. The activities were inventive, interesting and exciting and the crowd loved them. Would definitely use her services again.

Tena Pick
Founder, Project Kal

Narmeen has passion and talent in spades. She is such a positive driving force in the art and impact community in Dubai and a great mobilizer.
Nermeen and I have worked together on a few art for impact projects and her dedication to making the world a better place is infectious. Narmeen has a rare combination of talent, grit and practical mindset, which distinguishes her from most change-makers. She is an exceptionally talented facilitator, whose sessions have inspired many to explore their own creativity.
I am a true believer in everything she does and cannot wait to see what is next for Dubai Jiggy!

Bam.b - Creative Director

Our team has worked with Narmeen on a few occasions and she is such a wonderful, hands on, creative person to work with who always gives her all on all projects. It’s always amazing to see the different communities she brings together with art and how inspired people are when they leave! Keep inspiring Narmeen!

Mulham Jazmati
Music Producer - MJeezy Productions

It was an amazing experience. So much fun. Very fluid and fun.

Visual Artist

I had the pleasure of working with Narmeen on many occasions, in teaching and facilitating art workshops. I am so happy to have met her and it was such a delightful experience to have worked with her. She is a very professional, kind and caring person, I have my full trust in her as she always delivers on her words and deals with problems in a really calm and positive manner. Her entrepreneurial outreach is so vast, she is always working on some of the most creative projects in Dubai and I really look forward to more collaborations!

Mitali S

Dear Narmeen,
All the work you do is inspirational. Thank you for helping me out when I was new to the city and the design/art community here. Working with you is always a pleasure 🙂



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